Personal Finance First-Aid Kit

Does Your Budget Need First-Aid?

Getting established after graduation is no easy task. Between looking for a job, finding a place to live and paying for living expenses, life can be expensive. At Student Loan Consolidator, we know how important this period of life is, so we developed the Personal Finance First-Aid Kit – a self guided easy to use budget tool.

How The First-Aid Kit Can Help

For starters, the First-Aid Kit provides a monthly budget worksheet with simple instructions on how to draw up a budget. It only takes a few minutes, and can really give you a sense of where your money is being spent.

Next we list tips on how to cut corners and save money in all areas of your budget. From negotiating better rates with credit card companies, to finding discounts on gas and air travel, there are hundreds of ways to save extra money each month.

Finally, we'll send you monthly updates with new ideas on how to save extra cash and optimize your budget.

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