Am I eligible to refinance my student loans?

Student Loan Consolidation and Refinancing Helpful Resources

Helpful resources for managing your student loans.

Need a different payment plan?
View these charts that compare the payment plans offered for Federal Consolidation Loans, as well as typical payment options offered by private lenders.
Don't know who your lender or servicer is? Not sure of your loan balances?
Find out how to access your federal and private student loan details so you will be prepared to complete your student loan consolidation or refinance application.
Ready to take the next step on refinancing or consolidating?
We've assembled a list of common contacts for those with student loans to help gather the information you need when starting the process.
Need to understand how deferment and forbearance work?
You know deferment and forbearance can help you when you can’t make your student loan payments, but what's the difference? How do these program work and what other options are out there? We have answers.
Need to know what happens if you default on student loans?
The consequences for defaulting on federal or private student loans can be severe. Learn how to prevent your loans from going into default.
Wondering how to calculate a weighted interest rate?
If you're considering a Direct Consolidation Loan, you may want to estimate your weighted interest rate. We've created an easy-to-follow article explaining how a weighted interest rate is calculated.
Think you might qualify for federal student loan cancellation?
View the list of federal loan forgiveness and discharge programs, and learn about options for loan cancellation that may be offered by private lenders.
Have an issue with a lender or loan servicer?
Sometimes you can’t resolve problems with your lender or loan servicer on your own. Maybe you’re trying to refinance and your credit report is not accurate. Here are some links to help you resolve your issues.
Need a list of federal resources and other financial aid information?
The financial aid process can get pretty confusing. If you need help, check out this list of links to key federal resources and more.
Am I eligible to refinance my student loans?